HHI:  Parris Goebel | 紐西蘭最狂舞團「Royal Family」再以 0 失誤舞步問鼎 HHI 總決賽 網友:跪求破綻

HHI: Parris Goebel | 紐西蘭最狂舞團「Royal Family」再以 0 失誤舞步問鼎 HHI 總決賽 網友:跪求破綻

來自紐西蘭橫掃各大舞蹈比賽冠軍的「The Royal Family」你見識過他們絢麗的舞技了嗎 ? 從原本僅僅 5 人編制的全女性團員擴大到至今已分為 5 大隊 ( Request、Misfits、Sorority、In-laws、Bubblegum ) 的盛況便知實力不容小覷,其中帶領整團有目標的前進的最大領導者便是在舞蹈圈赫赫有名的「Parris Goebel」,身為街頭女霸主的「Parris Goebel」更是為不少亞洲和歐美巨星們編舞,揉合了女性的剛強硬派和性感浪漫。 ▼ 舞蹈圈 Hip hop...



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire world, HHI has decided to postpone the USA Hip Hop Dance Championship, World Hip Hop Dance Championship, World Battles and Urban Moves to August 5-14, 2021. 

From the start of this unprecedented outbreak, the health and safety of our HHI family has been of the utmost importance. We are confident that making this decision is in everyone's best interest.  

HHI recognizes that this is a challenging time for all of us. We encourage everyone to follow the guidelines being set by our respective governments and believe these actions are necessary to help us return to our normal lives. 

We pledge to make the 2021 World Hip Hop Dance Championship and World Battles the most memorable and exciting yet. 

In fairness to all, Hip Hop International will expand registration in 2021 to include crews and dancers who qualified in 2020 as well as 2021. We will also permit crews with members aging out to remain together to compete in 2021. 

This is a unique time, but we will get through it together. 

On behalf of Hip Hop International, we thank you for your consideration, understanding, passion, and commitment. 

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!